H HUGH MILLER© Photography

Fleeting time and place are a challenge to capture and a pleasure to share, especially when presented as very large format fine art.


A photo of mine is successful if the viewer sees something new in a familiar context – and feels a strong aesthetic impact. 


Subject, composition and color have equal weight and importance in these photographs. To compare a photograph to music-- subject and composition make the lyrics, color adds the score.


The subject can be anyone or anything which (usually in a natural light) tells a story through position, perspective, contrast and color. I do not use software to materially change the story, although the tone of a photo may be adjusted from time to time. 


This work is captured with a full-frame sensor DSLR camera that is my traveling companion.   


When I shoot a photo, the goal is to capture the image exactly as it appears to me. My pleasure in photography comes when someone smiles at one of my pictures and says, “I was there but never noticed that!” or “this must be a painting!”  


Each series of photographs is unique.  The messages and stories they tell are expressed with the help of the media on which they are printed and exhibited.  For example, the Méditerranée series is presented both on gold and silver dibond, unframed, as well as archival paper, framed by a Japanese master framer in New York. The Deep Surface series is printed on metallic exhibition paper and bound in plexiglass and a premium backing.



Important Note: 
H Hugh Miller© produces fine art photography in single or limited edition prints.  His work is presented through exhibits in partner galleries around the world and is owned by collectors in many countries. The exhibition photographs are printed on various media including gold and silver dibond, canvas and fine art archival paper. Prints dimensions generally range from 1 – 2 meters in length, although several pieces have been produced in much larger dimensions.  Print runs range from one to up to seven copies per photograph.


H Hugh Miller© also frequently shares photographs on social media as a courtesy to fans and friends.  Pictures available on these site's media are not necessarily intended for gallery prints, and are posted via low resolution files for the pleasure of the general public.