H HUGH MILLER© Photography

H Hugh Miller© is an American photographer from Avon, Connecticut and Bormes-les-Mimosas, France. He has traveled with camera in hand worldwide to more than 40 countries and regions of the world-- from the USSR and Ivory Coast in the 70s, to China and Australia in the mid-90s, and on to Latin America and Antarctica. Over this time he has developed his photographic perspective and portfolio. 


He is best known for finding brightly colored, abstract images in landscapes, water and still life settings and presenting them on surprising 1-2 meter wide large format wall hangings and prints.


His work was not shown or offered for sale publicly until 2010 when he launched a website (www.hhughmiller.com), social media presence and release of a hardcover book of 90 vivid color photos of the sea, Méditerranée.  


Galleries in California, New York, France and Italy have recently shown his large format works on canvas and silk, under plexiglass and printed directly on gold and silver dibond. Collectors own his work in many countries. 



Important Note: 
H Hugh Miller© produces fine art photography in single or limited edition prints.  His work is presented through exhibits in partner galleries around the world and is owned by collectors in many countries. The exhibition photographs are printed on various media including gold and silver dibond, canvas and fine art archival paper. Prints dimensions generally range from 1 – 2 meters in length, although several pieces have been produced in much larger dimensions.  Print runs range from one to up to seven copies per photograph.


H Hugh Miller© also frequently shares photographs on social media as a courtesy to fans and friends.  Pictures available on these site's media are not necessarily intended for gallery prints, and are posted via low resolution files for the pleasure of the general public.