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Ninety stunning color photos of the Mediterranean and its coastline - shot from one location over a period of 4 years - at dawn and dusk, in sun and clouds.


An incredible range of color, light and perspective.


Selected photographs from the book can be found in the portfolio section of this website.


Price (plus shipping 7%) - includes signature by the author upon request

USD 45  |  EURO 35


Email us at hmiller@hhughmiller.com or fill out our contact form for more information and to order H Hugh Miller© 's book.

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229 X 279 cm, 117 pp, Brillanta cloth case, released - Fall 2010

Publisher: Bougainvillea Books, Jacksonville, FL

Book Design: Katy Homans, New York, NY

Printing: CS Graphics, Singapore


Photographs by H Hugh Miller© are produced in very limited edition prints (between 1-7 prints max per piece). Photographs can be obtained through galleries where we exhibit, or you may contact us directly.


Exhibition photographs are printed on numerous traditional and experimental media. Pieces are unique due to their content and limited availability as well as their printed medium, including gold and silver dibond, canvas and fine art archival paper. Print dimensions typically range from 1 - 2 meters in length, although several pieces have been produced in much larger dimensions.


Email us at hmiller@hhughmiller.com or fill out our contact form for more information and to order prints.

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H Hugh Miller© also frequently shares photographs on social media as a courtesy to fans and friends.  Pictures available on these sites media are not necessarily intended for gallery prints, and are posted via low resolution files for the pleasure of the general public.